The Earth - Wilderness Still, 68x68, tar on canvas, 2019

" The Earth - Wilderness Still" tar on canvas, 58"x58",2019

the sun and the gravity of radiance s

"The Sun and the Gravity of Radiance" tar on canvas, 36"x72",2019

Moon - Reflector, 44x21, tar on antique mirror, 2018,

"The Moon - Reflector", tar on antique mirror, 44"x21", 2018

Cougar with Milky Way 48x66, tar on canvas,2019

"Cougar with Milky Way" tar on canvas, 48"x72", 2019

sDog study, 7x5, oil, tar on panel, 2017

"Dog", tar and titanium on panel, 7"x5", 2016

Strangers and Relatives 2, tar on panel, 16x12, 2018

"Strangers and Relatives #2", tar on panel. 16"x12", 2018


Descent, tar and Maya Blue on canvas, 2015, 60x48

sMouse, 7x5, tar , oil on panel,  2016

"Mouse", tar on panel 5x7", 2017

sLEMON TREE study 2, 16x12, 2016

Study for Lemon Tree", tar on panel, 16"x12", 2016

On the Grid - Hummingbird in Nest, 5x7,  tar on panel,

Hummingbird (on the grid), Tar on panel, 7x5, 2016

sImpala, 7x5, oil, tar on panel, 2017
sCrow with Tool #5, 16x12, oil and tar on panel, 2017

"Crow with Tool #5, tar on panel16"x12",2017

sDog after Landseer, tar,oil on canvas, 48x36,2016

"Dog after Landseer" tar on panel, 48"x36", 2017

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